Endorsement: Ministers for Randy Bates

Press Release: Texas House of Representatives District 139 Ministers Standing with Randy Bates

In late January, thirty six ministers came together in solidarity and unity to support Randy Bates who is seeking to be Texas State House of Representative for District 139. These ministers, whose work transcends not only their respective Northwest Houston and Harris County communities, came together because they believe Randy Bates has the vision, integrity, and experience to fight for better quality education, unifying communities, and to work with community leaders and other elected officials to bring resources to District 139.

These ministers and more stand with Randy Bates to be the next Texas House District 139 State Representative:

Bishop James Dixon

Dr. Edwin Davis

Rev. Archie Sutton 

Rev. Arthur Williams 

Rev. John Bowie

First Lady Maxie 

Dr. S.J. Gilbert, Sr.

Dr. S.J. Gilbert, II 

Sis. Alyce Gilbert 

Rev. Angela Raven Anderson 

Dr. James Furr 

Rev. Edwin Davis 

Rev. Lance Mann 

Rev. J. R. Miller 

Dr. Todd Still 

Rev. Charlie Hill 

Dr. Ross Cullins 

Rev. Curtis Lucas 

Rev. Mack Paul 

Rev. Rathel Goodman

Rev. Christopher Moore 

Rev. Carl Colston

Pastor Michael Pender Sr.



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